Open PhD position: Culturally and Socially Responsible AI

The Faculty of Humanities is looking to fill one PhD position in the area of Culturally and Socially Responsible AI.This project focuses on the development and implementation of AI technology that respects the values...

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#2 Humane Conversations – Beate Rössler"A" as in Autonomy and "I" as in "SocIal"   On 13 October we launched our first of a series of webinars called "Humane Conversations". The initiative seeks to connect researchers across humanities, social sciences and computer…

19 November
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Natali Helberger on the PERSONEWS project

The PERSONEWS project, funded by the European Research Council, is one of the first to examine, in depth, the impact of algorithmic news recommendations for both users and news media…

11 November
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Iris van Domselaar speaks at International Legal Protection Congress

Legal Protection International hosted it's 30th annual international legal protection congress on 15 & 16 October. This congress raises the question whether the legal sector, in particular the in-house lawyers…

9 November
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RPA Human(e) AI researchers win two NWO VENI grants

[caption id="attachment_3060" align="alignleft" width="516"] João and Jef celebrating in style with due respect of social distance[/caption] We are happy to announce that two RPA researchers Jef Ausloos and João Pedro…

5 November
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Human(e) AI

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26 February 2021

Humane Conversations – Sennay Ghebreab and Hinda Haned

"The AI community has been focusing on developing fixes for harmful bias and discrimination, through so-called ‘debiasing algorithms’ that either try to fix data for known or expected biases, or…

26 January 2021

Humane Conversations – Marieke van Erp

"Biases in data can be both explicit and implicit. A simple two-word phrase can carry strong contestations, and entire research fields, such as post-colonial studies, are devoted to them. However,…

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