Towards Humane AI

The Research Priority Area (RPA) Human(e) AI at the University of Amsterdam synthesises ongoing work and stimulates new research at the UvA on the societal consequences of the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) and automated decision-making (ADM) in a wide variety of societal areas.



The goal of the RPA is to enable Humane AI. To do so, the RPA envisions a set of ambitious and innovative activities along three main pillars:

  • Be a hub for knowledge production and discussion
  • Develop innovative research
  • Closely cooperate and share knowledge with societal partners
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Research themes

Research themes

The RPA will focus initially on case studies in the area of automated decision-making along three thematic foci:

  • Re-organising Processes and Players
  • Fundamental Rights, Public Values and Ethical Norms
  • Methodological, Legal and Ethical Challenges and Opportunities for AI Research
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Research Projects 2019/20

Seven interdisciplinary, innovative proposals have been awarded seed funding to investigate the societal implications of AI. Read more

Launch Event

Photo: Wouter van der Wolk

The UvA held an interdisciplinary event to celebrate and showcase the diversity of AI research and education. See the report out and watch the replay