Call for papers: special issue on interdisciplinary AI

After successfully completing a 2-day workshop in Amsterdam on October 2022 on the ethical, social, and regulatory aspects of AI (un)fairness, we are now pleased to announce the following call for papers and welcome new paper submissions on AI (un)fairness to Minds and Machines | Call for papers: interdisciplinary perspectives on the (un)fairness of artificial intelligence ( The deadline for full paper submissions is 31 May 2023. In this Special Issue, we will explore the interdisciplinary perspectives of AI (un)fairness. The Special Issue is guest edited by members of the interdisciplinary project Human(e) AI funded by the University of Amsterdam as a Research Priority Area.

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Special webinar “Digital Transformations in Latin American News Landscape”by Humane Conversations, IAMCR & DMSO

On the 5th of May, 2023, at 4:30 PM CET, we will be joined by four esteemed speakers, Professor Pablo J. Boczkowski from Northwestern University in the USA, Prof. Mireya…

#19 Humane Conversation – A Call for (Global) South to North Methodological Approaches in Critical AI Studieswith Andrea Medrado and Mathias Felipe de Lima Santos

In this conversation, Dr Andrea Medrado and Mathias Felipe de Lima Santos interrogate ideas of artificial intelligence (AI) for social good, drawing inspiration from Participatory Action Research (PAR) and the…

#17 Humane Conversation – Book talk: Algorithmic Reason – The New Government of Self and Otherwith Claudia Aradau, Tobias Blanke, moderated by Randon Taylor and Mathias Felipe de Lima Santos

How did algorithms, big data, and artificial intelligence become the inevitable answer to global challenges? Political rationality is rising across the world which situates emerging technology as key to social,…

21 March
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#18 Humane Conversation – Automating Fairness? Artificial Intelligence in the Chinese Courtwith Rachel E. Stern and Ljubiša Metikoš

Join us on Monday, the 17th of April, from 16:00 to 17:30 where professor Dr Rachel E. Stern will talk about the Chinese legal system and its increasingly widespread adoption…

23 February
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On the Ecological Complexity of Artificial IntelligenceTalk by Adam Nocek & discussion

The premise of this talk is that we need to think about artificial intelligence as a complex ecosystem. Doing so requires navigating thorny disputes in the theoretical humanities and social…

4 February
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