(Un)fairness of Artificial Intelligence

Join us in an interdisciplinary and collaborative work environment between the 27th and the 28th of October 2022 for our workshop (Un)fairness of Artificial Intelligence. Our first announced keynote speaker is Reuben Binns!

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The antecedents and consequences of ambivalence about agentic technologieswith Gijs van Houwelingen and Chris Starke

Both in the popular press and in scientific literature, it is often assumed that people are quite wary of agentic (i.e, smart) forms of technology. Yet, at the same time,…

Cabinet allocates more than € 142 million for scientific top research

We are very glad to announce that the University of Amsterdam managed to secure € 21.3 million in research funding from the Gravitation 2022 programme with the project The algorithmic society!…

Workshop – (Un)fairness of Artificial IntelligenceCall for proposals

Socio-technical systems imbued with artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly shape democracy by making important decisions, for example, in public administration (AlgorithmWatch, 2019), media (Thurman et al., 2019), and the legal system …

15 April
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Responsible Digital Transformations – Call for Proposals 2022

Responsible Digital Transformations (RDT) is one of the four themes in the 2021-2026 strategic plan of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), focusing on technology and ethics of regulation, algorithms, systems…

4 April
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RPA Human(e)AI Statement on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

The members of the RPA Human(e)AI of the University of Amsterdam stand strongly by Ukraine. We condemn the invasion undertaken by president Putin. Our sincerest thoughts go to all Ukrainians…

24 March
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Human(e) AI

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