The PI’s of the RPA humane AI designed a series of courses for bachelor students at UvA. Each of these courses has been directly related to the topic of this Research Priority Area Human(e) AI, addressing important questions in a wide range of contexts, including AI and Democracy, AI in Cultural Heritage, Regulatory issues around AI, AI in Medical Image Analysis, Natural Language Processing, and the Human-AI Interaction. In these courses, we invited different experts in the field to give guest lectures, each of which ended with a concrete problem for students to work on individually and in a group. The guest lectures were followed by Q&A sessions. During subsequent workgroup sessions, students could collaborate on writing a piece for a column in a newspaper or online blog on one of the topics treated in this course (See e.g. the student’s corner on the RPA website: RPA Human(e) AI | Students’ Corner (

The courses included in this series are:

The themes of the above listed BA/Bsc courses continued and have now been further integrated within specific UvA teaching programmes: