Call for Proposals – Submission form

The application form for the Call for Proposals will be open on May 16, 2019, one day after the RPA Human(e) AI Launch Event. The following information will be required:

  • Title proposal (10 words max)
  • Contact details of applicant and co-applicant(s)
  • Selected RPA theme
  • Description of research activity (include key question(s), design/method, innovative aspects, WP(s)): 500 words
  • Description of planned output (include publication plan and possible grant application, including theme and deadline): 200 words
  • Description of outreach activity (describe activity, goal, audience and anticipated impact): 100 words
  • Budget and planning (describe – in bullets – costs for teaching replacement or dedicated time, costs for research (eg assistance, participants, materials, processing capacity): 100 words
  • Ethical plan (indicate ethical considerations and -if possible- pre-ethical clearance): 50 words
  • Data plan: Describe the data collection, usage, and storage plan: 50 words
  • Link with ICAI initiative (where applicable): 50 words

Each applicant should also include:

A one-page CV (font size 12, 1.0 line space) and up to 10 selected publications (separate page). The CV should contain:

  • Personal details: name, education, nature of current employment, research breaks (e.g., child care or other types of leave)
  • Scientific interest and profile
  • Academic awards and grants
  • Research leadership experience
  • Interdisciplinary experience
  • Affinity and track record in AI research

If teaching replacement is requested, each participant needs to attach an additional approval letter, written by the head of section/department.