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29 September 2021

#8 Humane Conversations – “Developing AI for Healthcare” with Ivana Išgum

AI holds a promise to revolutionize healthcare. It has the potential to improve the quality of care by improving diagnosis and prognosis, reducing growing healthcare costs through automation, and making…

8 July 2021

Lunch at ICAI: AI & the Public Sector in NL organised by ICAI

This Lunch at ICAI session is focused on AI technology in the public sector. The Cultural AI lab and the Civic AI lab each present their work and discuss challenges…

30 June 2021

AI & Society Roundtable organised by Humane AI Net

The RPA Human(e) AI would like to bring your attention to the following event, organised by Humane AI Net:   Background A collective intelligence exercise towards shaping the research questions…

27 May 2021

Humane Conversations #7 with Max Welling, Beate Rössler and Raquel Fernández

The role of artificial intelligence is gaining increasing prominence across a myriad of sectors in our society. In fields such as healthcare, security, agriculture, media and more, AI applications have…

23 July 2021

ICML Workshop Algorithmic Recourse

The increasing popularity of machine learning (ML) models in various high-stakes domains such as finance, criminal justice and healthcare has resulted in a call for greater transparency into the mechanisms…

15 April 2021

PEPTalk – The problem of digital predictability On prediction, predictability and manipulation

Predictability is central to the digital society: it enables companies to send us the right advertisements and make us buy the things we really, predictably, want. This form of predictability…

14 April 2021

Universities & Big Tech Online via Zoom

Spurred by the pandemic, universities around the globe have been forced to move their teaching and research online. Consequently, academia has become even more dependent on digital services provided by…

21 April 2021

AI in Education by Amsterdam Data Science

Amsterdam Data Science (ADS) in collaboration with the Centre of Expertise Applied Artificial Intelligence (CoE AAI) are hosting a webinar on AI in Education (AIED). Register here

12 April 2021

Bits of Bias by Things to Come

This event is part of the Science Program Things to Come of Imagine Film Festival 2021. In this program, future visions and science fiction are compared to scientific and societal…

24 March 2021

Humane Conversations – Eerlijke Algoritmen

"There is a strong societal call to ensure that AI-based algorithms are designed in a responsible way. In particular, bias and discrimination should be avoided whenever possible. Recently, CBS (Statistics…

26 February 2021

Humane Conversations – Sennay Ghebreab and Hinda Haned

"The AI community has been focusing on developing fixes for harmful bias and discrimination, through so-called ‘debiasing algorithms’ that either try to fix data for known or expected biases, or…

28 April 2021

Humane Conversations – Marieke van Erp

"Biases in data can be both explicit and implicit. A simple two-word phrase can carry strong contestations, and entire research fields, such as post-colonial studies, are devoted to them. However,…

10 December 2020

Kick-off Civic AI-Lab

The University of Amsterdam, the Vrije Universiteit, the City of Amsterdam and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations will hold a festive online kick-off event for the new…

11 November 2020

AI & Content Moderation HIIG

Public pressure on platform companies to more soundly monitor the content on their sites is constantly increasing. To address this, platforms are turning to algorithmic content moderation systems. These systems…

13 November 2020

Launch PEPT Platform for Ethics and Politics of Technology

  Smart cities, robotics, artificial intelligence, medical technologies, the energy transition, sustainable technologies and surveillance capitalism: new technologies affect every part of society and our daily lives, raising new ethical…