Human(e) AI Bachelor course


The first edition of the new 3rd year Bachelor Course on Human(e) AI, started on April 1st 2020, has come to an end. In the context of this course we offered 10 guest lectures by experts in the field, including our university professors in AI. Each lecture provided students with a concrete problem to work on individually and in groups. As part of the assessment, the first Human(e) AI class was required to write a scientific essay, a scientific blog post, and to record a popular scientific pitch. Check out some samples of the students’ work from the past edition >>


We are happy to announce that the second edition of UvA’s bachelor course Human(e) AI will be offered in the first semester of the new upcoming academic year. This course is open for all UvA students and other interested parties, such as contract students or students from other institutions. Registration has been opened on 9 June and it will be possible to register until a week before the start of the course. For more information on the content of the course, lecturers and registration procedure see: