#21 Humane Conversation – AI Development and Philosophy: In the Past and the Future with John W. Murphy and Randon Taylor

Algorithms have emerged as the key culprits contributing to the misery currently reported at workplaces and other organizations.  The primary complaint is that this technology fosters the mistreatment of persons.  To remedy this situation, critics are arguing that human-centric AI is needed.  Overlooked in this discussion is a consideration vital to any corrective, that is, the alleged artificial nature of AI.  The point of this talk is to examine the philosophy that supports this portrayal of AI and derails attempts to humanize algorithms.

John W. Murphy is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Miami.  He received his Ph.D. degree from Ohio State University.  His area of focus is social philosophy.  He has been writing on technology, including AI, for many years.  He is currently completing a book project on the philosophy of AI, tentatively titled:  Technology, AI, and the World: People Matter.