ICAI Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence

The National Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI) has the mission to keep the Netherlands at the forefront of knowledge and talent development in AI. Creating and nurturing a national AI knowledge and talent ecosystem is ICAI’s central aim. In doing so, the organization wants to deal sustainably with resources that arise from the activities and further activate the resources in the Netherlands.


By being in the lead and developing technologies, ICAI contributes to economic growth, while preserving the values ​​and ethical aspects that the organisation stands for in the Netherlands. This way, the Netherlands will become a strong European catalyst in the field of AI talent and AI knowledge development by:

  • Attracting talent to work on problems
  • Attracting problems and data for talent to work on
  • Feeding ecosystems for talent and knowledge development

What ICAI does

By working together as knowledge institutions with companies, governments and non-profit, and using our strengths, ICAI has a strong position in this area. In order to make the best use of its strengths, ICAI wants to start from a hubs-and-spokes model, in which to realize multiple hubs in the Netherlands that connect with the various regions. There are several regions, all with very strong aspects, on which to focus in the domain of AI. A scattered base fits well with the norms and values of the way of working in the Netherlands. In the current ICAI model as it has been developed so far, this has also been proven in the past 2 years since the start in 2018. Labs are established from local forces, which are supported and strengthened by the network in a national role.