Ethical MInDS: Mapping Interventions for Data use in Squads


Prof. dr. Guda van Noort is Professor of Persuasion & New Media Technologies at the Department of Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam. Her research focuses on the new and unique characteristics of so-called new media.


Prof. dr. Paul Groth is Professor Algorithmic Data Science. In his research, Paul focuses on intellegent systems that help people work with data and information from different sources.

Project description

The aim of of this project is to uncover key decision moments around ethics within software development and data science teams (i.e. “squads”). By focusing on a specific domain, marketing and marketing communications, we are able to dive deeper into the connection between organizational values and the outcomes of software. The project will do this by interviewing squad teams, collecting potential interventions for ethical data use by conducting a literature review and interviews with marketing practitioners, and mapping these interventions along the key-decision moments in the development process. The output of the project will be a map of potential touch-points in the software development process and related interventions, providing a foundation for development of intelligent interventions. Finally, the project will organize a workshop in which the developed intervention map functions as a starting point to evaluate and discuss internal algorithmic processes.