#15 Humane Conversation – Synthetic Media & News with Nick Diakopolos, Mathias Felipe de Santos, and Chris Starke

New year, new knowledge! If you are up to date with the news on technology, you may be interested to learn that ChatGPT has crossed 1M+ users in just five days. Top 10 things you can do with it? Generate code, track fitness, debug code, make it your personal assistant, create a marketing plan in less than 3o minutes, create a virtual machine, get medical aid, develop plugins, games, and all types of synthetic media. To understand more about the use of text and image generation of AI (e.g., GPT-3, chatGPT) in the context of news production purposes, join Nick Diakopolous, the Director of the Computational Journalism Lab at the Northwestern University. Find more about this topic in a conversation with Mathias Felipe de Lima Santos and Chris Starke – our postdoctoral researchers in Responsible AI for the RPA Human(e) AI.