#2 Humane Conversations – Beate Rössler "A" as in Autonomy and "I" as in "SocIal"



On 13 October we launched our first of a series of webinars called “Humane Conversations”. The initiative seeks to connect researchers across humanities, social sciences and computer scientists to discuss relevant topics of AI research, with particular focus on Human(e) AI.

On November 18, our second conversation hosted Prof. Beate Rössler, Chair of Philosophy and History of Ethics at the University of Amsterdam.

The interview was conducted by Dr. Balázs Bodó and Prof. Natali Helberger, Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam

“[…]The problems which ethics and philosophy should raise are therefore, starting with privacy, the effects a loss of privacy would have. Why would the consequences for our individual autonomy, our social practices, and our democratic societies – and thus also for our ability to lead a well-lived life – rather fatal? Another essential question is the more general one of how digital technologies change us and change or affect the possibilities for being human. How do we understand these transformations philosophically? What kinds of conditions are required to enable humans to direct their own lives, enjoy flourishing relationships and be “worthy of respect”? Privacy, autonomy and (digital) humanity are among the most fundamental concepts we have to make sense of in the digitally transforming society”.

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