Collective decisions in Law and Economics: A computational perspective



Dr. Davide Grossi is associate professor in Multi-Agent Decision Making at the University of Groningen and he is also affiliated to the Amsterdam Center for Law and Economics (ACLE). His research research focuses on the theoretical foundations of reasoning and decision-making, specifically within groups.

Prof. Alessio Pacces is Full Professor of Law & Finance Amsterdam Law School & Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam (UvA). He has carried out interdisciplinary research on law and economics broadly.

Prof. Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacciis Professor of Law at the Amsterdam Law School. His research interests lie at the intersection of formal mathematical modelling, behavioral sciences, law and history.

Project description

Courts, parliaments and company boards are just some obvious examples of collective bodies that take decisions after a phase of careful deliberation. Society is driven by group decision-making at all levels. Developing mathematical and computational methods to analyze such decisions and, ultimately, better support them is the long-term vision behind our project. We will be looking at different instances of collective decision-making with a specific focus on decisions that are relevant for the law or the economy, and try to gain insights into their workings by means of mathematical models and computational tools.